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At BioFiber Systems, we believe in continuous innovation. By using

hemp to replace traditional building materials, our solutions will help

revolutionize the building industry, creating a long-lasting impact on

the earth enjoyed for generations to come.

Join us on our journey as we harness the power of hemp to make a

positive impact on people's lives and the planet. Together, let's

embrace the countless possibilities that hemp offers and create a

healthier, more sustainable future.

Meet The Team

Welcome to our dynamic team! Each of us brings a unique set of skills and expertise, ensuring that together, we are more than capable of crossing any finish line. Our collaborative spirit and dedication to excellence are what set us apart, making every project a success. Get to know the brilliant minds dedicated to turning challenges into triumphs.

Brennen Coulter


Brennen Coulter is a highly accomplished Chief Operations Officer with a background in the US military and business development. Brennen brings a wealth of leadership, strategic planning, and operational expertise to the business world. With his years of military service he has demonstrated exceptional problem-solving skills and a steadfast commitment to achieving mission success.

Brennen’s ability to build and lead cross-functional teams in dynamic environments enables him to navigate complex challenges with resilience and precision. Brennen is a trusted and invaluable asset and is continuously shaping and driving our organizations towards greater success.

Cory Martin

Vice President

Mr. Cory Martin is a highly accomplished professional with over 20 years

of experience in sales and management, most recently leading a

multi-million dollar real-estate business.

As the Vice President BioFiber Systems, Cory brings a wealth of

knowledge and expertise to drive the company's growth and revenue.

Throughout his career, Cory has held various leadership roles,

successfully navigating diverse industries and markets. His eclectic

background has given him a unique perspective and a deep

understanding of different human behaviours, enabling him to identify

untapped opportunities and develop effective strategies to capitalize on


One of Cory’s greatest strengths lies in his ability to lead and inspire

others. He has a natural talent for connecting with people, fostering a

collaborative environment, and motivating individuals to reach their full

potential. Through his exceptional communication skills, Cory translates

complex ideas into simple concepts, empowering his team to grasp new

concepts and embrace change.

With his proven track record of driving revenue growth, his charismatic

leadership style, and his passion for awesomeness, Cory is an

invaluable asset to BioFiber Systems, propelling the company towards

unprecedented success.

Eric C. Hill

Chief Legal Counsel

With a distinguished legal career rooted in the halls of Baylor University School of Law, Eric C. Hill has become a cornerstone of the Dallas legal community. His journey through the law began upon his graduation, and since then, Eric has honed his expertise across various legal disciplines. However, it is in business law that Eric has truly found his calling.

As an entrepreneur himself, Eric possesses a firsthand understanding of the challenges and thrills that come with building and running a business. This personal experience enhances his ability to connect with clients and guide them effectively, whether they are fledgling startups or well-established Fortune 500 companies. Eric’s approach is uniquely empathetic yet strategic, making him a trusted advisor and advocate for those looking to navigate the complexities of business law.

Eric’s commitment extends beyond the courtroom and client meetings. He is dedicated to helping businesses not just survive but thrive, offering legal guidance that encompasses the initial stages of company formation to the intricacies of corporate governance and compliance. His clients value his comprehensive advice, proactive solutions, and the genuine joy he brings to the process of legal counsel.

Eric C. Hill is not just an attorney, but a dedicated partner to businesses in Dallas and beyond, committed to transforming entrepreneurial visions into successful realities.

Marisa Gladen

Senior Client Success Strategist

Marisa Gladen, Vice President of Customer Success at

BioFiber Systems, is an accomplished entrepreneur with a rich

history of success. With a Bachelor of Science in Nursing

(BSN) and two decades of experience as a registered nurse,

Marisa's entrepreneurial journey began by building a medical

case management company from the ground up, assembling a

team of 150 nurses and social workers across 21 states within

just 18 months.

Having made a mark in the healthcare sector, Marisa ventured

into the cannabis industry, where she established and

operated a vertically integrated cannabis business in

Oklahoma. Her expertise in compliance, operational

management, and her genuine passion for plant medicine

propelled her success in this burgeoning field. Eventually, she

sold her cannabis business, redirecting her focus towards the

hemp industry and its sustainable potential.

At BioFiber Systems, Marisa brings her entrepreneurial spirit,

healthcare background, and passion for sustainability to the

forefront. Her visionary approach and deep understanding of

renewable building materials derived from hemp fibers drive

her commitment to advancing the adoption of eco-friendly

alternatives in the construction industry. With a

customer-centric mindset, Marisa fosters long-term

partnerships, delivers exceptional results, and positions

BioFiber Systems as a leading force in customer satisfaction

and industry-leading innovations.

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